1. HAVE A LIGHT DINNERIt's said that when you have your dinner early, the chances of you falling asleep are higher. The consumption of your dinner must be as minimal as it can be. Try drinking warm milk to stick to having some salad. They will really help you get good sleep. 2. TRY YOUR... Continue Reading →


Random Thoughts #5

Pay attention to your inner voice and listen to it. Listen to it whole heartedly and ignore the other voices that's surrounding you. Only what your heart says is right and it always will be, no matter what. It's because your heart knows what you truly want and it's the centre of astounding certainty and... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts #4

No body can teach you to be successful in this world, trust me. Not your best friend, your girlfriend/wife or people from your family - no one at all. These people can only motivate you or help you to help yourselves from the shackles of troubles that you may face while you journey towards your... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts #3

Courage is for the bold Who dares to dream and Is not afraid of darkness - Who has the will to fight Forward and move on No matter what happens.Courage is for the bold Who is not afraid of failure But keeps trying over and over Until one day the taste of Success is achieved... Continue Reading →

Random Thoughts #2

Memories are the greatest things that we cherish in our lives. They are special because whenever we think about them, we are reminded about those wonderful days that we will never forget. These priceless moments are so alive that they live within our hearts forever. When I was a kid, I was so fond of... Continue Reading →

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