Nobody is going to help us get the thing done. Trust me, nobody. Not your family, not your best friend, not your co-workers, not your girlfriend/wife. They all have a limit and after a particular point they are helpless. It’s only you who can get it done. If you want something so badly, you have to go and get it – there are no other shortcuts.

Of course, it’s little hard to digest but that is the utter truth and that’s the true reality. If you want to be an achiever, you have to start doing it right away, from this moment onwards. It may rain, it may snow, it may be too hot or sometimes too cold – but you have to go through all these alone and you have to sacrifice a lot of your joys. Then you can reach where you wanted to reach.

You can get tons of advises from people and keep on listening to them ( you don’t have to pay money for that ) – but, if you want something so badly, listening to advises is not a good position to be in. You have to learn to stand up for yourself, respect your decision and move forward. You can’t keep on receiving help from people all the time, believe me. There comes a point in life where you have to travel to your destination alone, without any fear, without any regrets. There is only one person who will be through with you all the time – and that’s only you alone.

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