Being victorious makes us happy and so much confident. It shows that we are capable of winning and is a mark that we are an achiever. It a great deal for everyone and I have seen lots of people boasting proudly about their victories. But is victory the ultimate thing ? Does it bring the ultimate happiness ?

An athlete wins a gold medal in a 100m race, a tennis player wins a major championship, a student tops an exam. There are many more instances like that. But is their winning the final of all ? I don’t think so. There are many important things than that. Things that we have to value more than a victory.

There is the preparation, the hard work, the efforts that you put in each day, the willingness that you had in your mind to get back up every time, the bond that you make with a lot of people through the entire journey, right from day one to the day you are victorious. All of these matters a lot. These are priceless moments of your life and much more valuable than a victory.

The ultimate purpose of a competition isn’t just for winning it. It’s conducted for the perfection of your character, for improving your mindset and for enjoying the thing that you are doing ( if it’s a race or a tennis match – the main thing is enjoying the whole process ). So while victory brings you triumph and fame, remember that there are always things worth more valuable than that, things that are absolutely priceless.

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