KAREN WAS A nice young woman. She was bold, beautiful and had a decent job that could pay off her bills and save some money in the bank. She was fine and there was always contentment in her life. Her parents were happy of her achievements and they couldn’t be more proud about her. Every thing was so perfect until Karen was found lying unconscious in her bedroom one fine morning when her mother went up to call her for having breakfast.


As she was rushed to hospital and sooner admitted, the doctors confirmed that she poisoned herself and it was an attempt to suicide. Fortunately, she was all right. Her vitals were fine but she would only regain consciousness within the next 24 hours. Nobody exactly knew why she did that.


After some preliminary investigations were conducted, her parents came to know through the police that she was unsatisfied with her life and had huge difficulty staying happy always. Through her diary they further came to know that she always struggled with the heavy expectations that people had for her – her parents, colleagues from work, the society around her and Rustin, her boyfriend. It was too much for her to handle.


There are many people out there who are like Karen. There are a lot of us who have a very good job, enough to support our family and live a colorful life. But unfortunately, there are people amongst us who are not happy and are frustrated about the expectations. Life has been too unpleasant to them in spite of having everything needed to live a beautiful life.


Our life is a gift and is one of the most important treasures that we can ever get. It is not to be wasted and to be lived to the fullest. It’s natural that our life will have difficulties and sometimes it has a tricky way of stopping our path to greatness. But the important thing is that we must never allow the difficulties to conquer us, to take the color of our life. Problems must never steal our happiness.


”Life is a gift. It must be lived with full happiness and content.”


Finding true happiness is the most crucial part of our life. By finding that happiness, there is absolute content and meaning in our life. Some of the important ways to find true happiness are


  1. Be happy no matter what happens in life.
  2. Stay positive always.
  3. Do the things that make you happy.
  4. Meditate every morning.
  5. Listen to some great music.
  6. Do not burden your life with expectations.
  7. Sleep for at least 6 hours a day.
  8. Spend enough time with family and friends.
  9. End you day on a positive note.


Karen is a different girl now. She is happier than she ever is. She is now positive, confident and knows how to find happiness. Looking back, it was a road that she shouldn’t have taken. With the help of her family, friends she has now become a person that can make a big difference and achieve greater things in life.

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