There are times when we do our daily job just for the sake of money. We do it for paying our rent and get our life going. We don’t love our job by heart but we just do it. Yes, we feel that our life is so miserable and we punish ourselves daily, mourning for not being able to quit the current job and pursue our passion.

What is the meaning in living such a life?

A life that we don’t love. A life that we don’t want to continue. A life that we don’t like to be part of. The truth is that there is no point in living such a life. It’s better just to quit such a job.

It’s a tough decision and a big leap for anyone, I know. But it’s better to live a life following our passion than to live a life that we will regret later. It’s true that at the end of the day we may have some money in the bank ( hopefully after retirement ) but much more important than that will be the happiness that we will experience doing the job we love the most, the job that we do pursuing our passion.

It doesn’t mean we have to quit our current job as early as possible. Spend some time pursuing our passion, think about its possibilities and after we feel that we are ready and we can live a life out of following our dreams, quit the job that you don’t love and start living your passion.

In the end it only matters how much happiness you had and the satisfaction of that thought really matters.



  1. Very insightful. I believe the purpose of our existence is to be happy always. But to do this we must realise our full potential which many people never do because they are too happy living from pay check to pay check.

    Hopefully many will read your blog and think differently πŸ™‚

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  2. Great piece.
    While I propose ‘pursuing one’s passion’ over the temporary satisfaction of living ‘pay check to paycheck’, I must consider the reality that many find themselves in…This has to do with responsibility. Not for just yourself but for others as well. For many the comfort and security of a regular paid job is required for the sustenance of family and in some cases friends. In such situations, my advice is to pursue your passion as a ‘side hustle’, gradually building a living out of it and when the time is right you can quit a 9 to 5 and face your business.

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  3. When I said I would have a look at this blog, I must admit I was not sure what I would expect; however, I can safely say that I can leave it feeling a little more optimistic, and a little more willing to just keep GOING. I think reading a post like this a day might be rather encouraging:)

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