Random Thoughts #2

Memories are the greatest things that we cherish in our lives. They are special because whenever we think about them, we are reminded about those wonderful days that we will never forget. These priceless moments are so alive that they live within our hearts forever.

When I was a kid, I was so fond of trains that my grandpa used to take me out during the evenings. He used to buy me sweets that I would gladly accept ( those were really tasty, trust me 😊 ) and we used to walk near a pond. We would watch the fishes swim and I would throw pebbles into the pond and used to look at everything so amazed.

Exactly after some time, he used to to take me up in his shoulders and used to show me the train that was some distant far away from us. It was just beautiful and I still remember the colour of those trains – sometimes very bright blue with combinations of white or very dark green with combinations of yellow and eventually we would come back home exited.

Those were priceless moments that I can’t never get back again but they will always live inside me, deep within my soul – my grandpa, the pond, the trains – all of it. It will never fade away for some memories are truly evergreen.

Do let me know your most memorable moments in the comment section below and have a nice day ahead !! 😊


12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #2

  1. Me and my grandmother used to sit down in the afternoon after I finished school, we chat while she cook or just doing somtehing, then she laugh at my comment to her story πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… I was still in primary at that time.

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