We face a lot of rejections in our lives. Rejections, that change our life and cause so much sadness and depression. Yes, we all have faced it so many times and we all have been there. But there is one truth that we must learn from it – it always happens for the best.

Why ? Because it helps us prepare ourself for the next encounter that we are going to face. It helps us in correcting our mistakes and aid in the process of decision making so that we make the right choices next time. It help us overcome our weakness and we keep preparing ourself harder for the next time. It may be a win or a lose ( our next encounter ), but each time after we are rejected, we are only growing stronger and bolder and not the otherwise.

So in a broad perspective, rejections or being rejected is a very good thing. Lots of famous personalities living within our community once faced terrible rejections. Did they stop there ? No, of course not. They tried harder and harder, until they claimed their success.

So don’t be desperate and curse yourself if you were rejected more that a lot of times. Believe that it was only for your very best and that it’s preparing you to reach at a good spot some fine day.

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