I recently caught up with an old friend of mine after a long time. I was happy to see him, but I felt that he wasn’t happy enough. After our chat in a cafe, he opened up and told me the cause for his unhappiness – that he wasn’t finding his current job that interesting and wanted to quit from there (he dreams of becoming a famous magician). He wants to tell his boss about quitting but the problem is that, it was his uncle who got him a job there in the first place (after too much hard work) and he is afraid if that would hurt his uncle’s feelings.

He is an excellent street magician and is very good at it and personally I know that he is able to pay up for his rents (from these earnings), but the problem is he can’t express this to his uncle.

Life is like that sometimes. It will play its tricks against us and make us confused and pathetic. It will worry us a lot and is not fair with us, sometimes. These complications are a result of our actions. Right actions at the right time will help us from falling into such a misery. And the main reason behind this is the ‘lack of expressing our feelings’.

If you don’t feel it right, just quit. If you can’t bear to be a part of something, move on forward confidently without any hesitation. That’s it. Express it – then and there, to the concerned people and let them know that you are uncomfortable to continue further, no hard feelings. Not only in work related issues, by in all general cases. If you are not feeling it right, just tell it out. You are doing a big favour to yourself and to them as well.

Don’t torture yourself by keeping it inside you and pretend to act like you don’t have any problem. That’s really a very bad approach. Don’t do it. So just express how you feel and convince those people who doesn’t understand you.

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P.S. – This article is dedicated to you my dear friend. I hope you will figure out your problem soon and express what you really feel to your uncle, pursue your passion and live a happy life ahead.



  1. Yeaah! Go Friend! Both of You I mean, You “Abhijith” and Your Friend πŸ˜€ Can You tell Him that He Deserves to Enjoy His Life and that He Should not Be sorry For Wanting to Be Himself πŸ™‚

    Keep it Coming Lad ❀

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  2. I hope your friend is able to walk the right path for him and figure out this situation.
    It is so true how we sometimes are afraid of our true selves because we think we are not good enough of for other reasons.

    Awesome post!

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  3. I’ve been reading your motivational posts with interest (good thoughts) since you commented on my recent post. Blog etiquette requires that I don’t advertise my link in your comment section… be advised. Also, there’s some concern among my long-time blogging friends that you’re not “real.” We’ve all been subject to Spam and hackers. Sorry! However, my gut feeling is that you are a “real” person, and a nice one at that.

    I truly like what you have to say — just not three or four times daily. (I applaud your enthusiasm!) Some folks enjoy frequent encouragement throughout the day, but I’m not one of them. Personally, I’ve scaled back my posting to once a week or less due to “life” and unexpected circumstances. My time is limited! As a result I’m very sporadic online.

    That said, do whatever inspires you! (And don’t be discouraged by me “expressing myself” — filter out the noise as needed. πŸ™‚ FYI, I chose to eliminate emoticons on/in my blog and comment section a few years back — other than the occasional πŸ™‚ and ;)… I want my WORDS to convey my thoughts. You have a unique gift for that. Write what you FEEL and THINK and your message will come across without the “smileys”. Best wishes to you and your blogging adventures, Abhijith!

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      • Thanks for liking my comments, Abhijith. The time zones between there and here are many, and I appreciate that you took the time to notice. (Again, apologies for editing your comments in my neck o’ the woods including “smileys” and your link.) My blog is my personal space. Make yours your own! I get the impression that you understand that. Again best wishes… I’ll be watchin you πŸ™‚ You have good things to say!

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    • Thank you so much and yes, I am real lol. I like motivating people and that’s the purpose of my blog 😊. Thanks for taking your time and reviewing my blog. It really means a lot. Have a nice day ahead and all the best !! πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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      • I didn’t mean for this to be a “review”; Abhijith (or to question your authenticity), I meant for it to be a gesture of friendship and the “critique” you requested! I’ve been at this for six years now (saw your first posts were in July — a “newbie”) and I remember my early days so eager to express! I’ve learned SO MUCH from my friends’ honesty over the years, including the fact that folks only have so much time to devote (online) and that my “words” often need to briefer and more meaningful. Such as yours! As I said, you have a GIFT. Every day is a literary challenge. πŸ™‚ But, I have a feeling you will prevail with your positive spirit. Keep it up!

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  4. Expressing your feelings that might be found hurtful by others is scary. What if you offend the other? We are not responsible for how other people feel, we are responsible for how WE feel.
    I have to tell a client I am not happy with how things are working out right now. I am scared I’ll hurt her feelings, but I know if I don’t say it now I’ll end up being miserable and she’ll have a bad coach. Expressing how you feel is very important to stay authentic and open. And there are ways to do so without being aggressive. Sometimes we forget about that last part.

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  5. Ok, I don’t want to sound like a bad friend but my friend, let’s call her… Idk Jennifer? Anyway “Jennifer” is always saying she’s depressed and saying sad things but I don’t understand why. I wish I had her life. Both her parents are still together, her dad actually cares about her family, she has a great relationship with her gf and nobody judges her for being bisexual (I’m not bi but I support that) and yet she is still sad and laughs about suicide and I feel like its my fault. Also I have my problems too, but I don’t talk about them or express myself because whenever I do she either laughs or tells me to shut up. And she told me she attempted suicide and I hugged her because she is one of my best friends and I don’t want her to do that but she just pushed me away and called me a suck up. And she talks about me behind my back a lot too but I don’t care about that really because everyone does that… I have to sit there feeling like a terrible friend while she talks about sad things… I sound like I’m being mean but I don’t mean to be, I just need advice.

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    • Charli, first off thank you so much for opening up to me. It means a lot.
      Listen, it happens sometimes like that ok. We can’t do anything about it. How a person feel is very different from how you feel for a person. You got to understand that. β€˜Jennifer’ is a beautiful person but she is going through some things now, which both of us don’t know.

      So what you can do for the time being is stay calm and allow her to figure things out by herself. Don’t make her feel that you are pushing her. It will cause vulnerability. You don’t want that right? You care for her. So respect her decisions and her choice for the time being. And at the same time keep an eye out for her. She must not know that you are keeping an eye. I hope you got the point 😊.

      Sorry for the late reply. I was really busy with other work. Hope that everything will be sorted out πŸ˜‡.

      Love and Hugs to you Charli,


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