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Yes, that is true. We have all failed a lot of times in our lives. And the frustration of that loss has spoilt our days. At least I have spent days like that and it was those were the worst days. I would wake up the next day promising myself to never waste my time like that again, but when I face a failure some other time, I would be so unhappy by it and would go to bed and finally fall asleep, and I blame myself for letting it happen.

Trust me, I was just a looser a long way back and probably worse than you all. However, I believe that every person will get a blessing during some point of their life. And my blessing was a teacher who came into my life while I was doing college. I learned a lot of valuable lessons from him and it still inspires me today, as I type these words.

He taught me to never give up on myself, no matter what happens in life and told me that continuous failure will one day add up to a grant success that will always triumph my life forward. I didn’t understand really when he told me that, but as soon as I tried harder and harder each day and began to taste a little amount of success each time, I understood what he meant.

Failures will keep coming into your life, that’s for sure. But how you treat it and battle forward, is really what matters truly. Have the courage to deal with it and convert those failures into grant successes that you will always remember and cherish in the future.

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Engineer, writer,blogger, wannabe journalist. This page is a reflection of my life and my opinion about different aspects thats happening around the world. I want people to read my opinions, thoughts, discover their life and be inspired.


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