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Pretending to be somebody or trying to act like a person who you consider ‘the best’ isn’t the final solution. Trust me when I say this – you are unique in your own way and that’s the biggest magic of being yourself.

There is no need to idolise someone who you admire so much. Yes, it’s true. These people that you admire have a wonderful character or may possess some special talent. But that is their character and uniqueness. It’s something that makes them into ‘them’.

If you look at these people, you will see that they never idolised or worshipped or aspired to be like anyone. They just followed their path and believed in themselves. And they reached success. They made their own unique mark in this world.

And that is what you must do. You must believe in yourself, trust your instincts and follow what you believe in strongly, whole heartedly. And you must leave a mark in this world at the end of your journey and be proud of your achievements.

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Engineer, writer,blogger, wannabe journalist. This page is a reflection of my life and my opinion about different aspects thats happening around the world. I want people to read my opinions/thoughts and discover their life and be inspired..

16 thoughts on “DON’T PRETEND. JUST BE YOURSELF. Leave a comment

  1. Abhiith, finally I make it to take a closer look at your blog. I like your thoughts very much. At first glance someone might miss the deepness of your thoughts and feelings, because they come along with simple words. But I think finally simplicity is the key to a fulfilled life. Truth and wisdom aren’t complicate in an intellectual meaning. And being or essence of life is vice versa so hard to grasp, because we aren’t simple enough and think too much. I hope you go on with your blog, I’m curious about your next texts and look forward to learn from your wisdom.

    Your thoughts to individuality or identity of a human are totally right, and I have the same attitude or wrote similar texts to motivate people to become themselves. Nevertheless, even a great teacher as Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj who always said that there was no difference between him and those who ask for his advice, was thankful for his teacher who guided him the way. I guess at certain points of our spiritual way we need persons may it be in person or as blogger or author which inspires us – as you do with your blog. But finally we have to find or identity and have to express it alone. We all are precious as we are! Sincerly Volker

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    • Volker, I don’t know how to thank you for the kind words. I want to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out my blog and reviewing it. It’s really a great honour my friend. I started this blog just to inspire people and motivate them because at one point in my life, I was at a very bad shape and it took me some time to come out of it. So, I hope I can help people who need it the most.

      Thank you again for the trust and have a great day ahead, my friend 😊.


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  2. Sorry for being so late to check your blog out but I gotta say it is amazing! You are doing great things by being a mentor and help to the people who reads your blog. Your quality of writing is very spot on. Keep it up!

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  3. Amen and so true! There is no use chasing after someone on their own path. It’s much more exciting to create one for yourself. I used to compare my life to my peers always feeling like I was trailing behind but I have realized over time that it’s really a waste of energy. Why waste that kind of energy worrying about what everyone thinks of you all the time? Slowly but surely I have been directing that energy towards myself and getting to know myself better. As it turns out, I kinda like myself πŸ˜‰ lol Thanks for the great post πŸ™‚

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