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This is the first thing that you need to do. Believe that you are not shy anymore and confidently move forward. Don’t let other people know that you are shy. Be clever and cautious. It’s only the initial difficulty, trust me. Once you get ahead you will be far more better than you actually thought.


This is also important. Choose people that you trust so much. In doing so, you are helping yourself. This can greatly help you to increase your level of comfortableness around these people and you can grow strong and confident every time when you are around them.


There is no shortcut to success, trust me. And the only way to reach success is through consistent practice. Go out and involve yourself with the outside world. Increase your confidence level and talk a lot with people who are complete strangers to you. Try to keep a good conversation for 5 minutes first and slowly increase your time of conversation as each day passes by. Believe me, you will start to see a lot of changes in yourself within weeks.

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    • Thank you so much Bhavana 😊. Encouraging words like these always motivates me to write more 😊. Thank you once again and have a nice day ahead !!

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