Random Thoughts #6

Life is so cruel sometimes, so unfair that it will give us a heartbreak that is beyond our feelings. So sudden, so unexpected that it leaves a terrible scar in our mind forever. Some scars take time to heal, in fact a lot so much than we can ever imagine possibly.

But the most important thing is :

Why does it happen to us ?

So strange isn’t it ? All we want in life is happiness and contentment and yet we are facing a lot that is so hard to deal with. I know it, trust me. I have been there. I have faced it a lot of times in my life. The moments that I hoped would end up happily for me have been the worst moments I have faced in my life. I have cursed myself, blamed myself and felt bad for myself. That is a terrible position to be in, I know.

But sometimes things don’t end up so good. Trust me, it doesn’t. It maybe the worst and you may even face a lot worse than that in your later life. We never know what’s going to happen to us in the coming days.

So the only thing that you can do when life hits you hard is to live your life in hope. Have it within you. Fill your soul with its positivity because it’s the only fuel that is going to keep you running forward in life. So don’t ever take a failure out on yourself. What happened, happened for the best. You just got to stay positive and live your life in hope, because hope is a very good thing and you can trust it always. It won’t let you down.


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