Random Thoughts #7

Don’t be flexible for other people. By flexible, I mean that somebody’s opinion or suggestion must not control the way you live your life. No, don’t do that and it’s not necessary at all. You can take others opinions as an aid while you travel in your journey but don’t make it your staple diet, trust me. It won’t do any good.

You have an idea of how you want to live your life and you have a big dream inside you, a dream that you must have been sprouting everyday from the moment you started dreaming of it in the first place. That dream must happen. It is the reason of your existence in life, isn’t it ? We all live for a dream that we believe is going to happen one fine day.

So in short don’t allow others to control your life. Not your parents, relatives, friends or your girlfriend/wife. Absolutely NOBODY. It’s just a big road that you are willing to travel and if you decided to explore it, then you must do it. NO BACKING DOWN.

11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts #7

  1. Wonderful article! This is something I’ve struggled with for a long time and have only recently learned that it’s okay to pursue our own ideas and dreams, even when others don’t see them as worthwhile. Each of us is unique, so what’s a good goal for someone else might not be good for us. Life is too short to worry about what others will think of our chosen path in life.

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  2. Reblogged this on Trusting and walking the walk of Love! and commented:
    If the effect of others is dimming your dream light, then put your focus elsewhere for sure! Only you have your dream imprinted inside of you.

    Only you can prioritise it enough to make it happen and that will be less likely if you’re diluting yourself elsewhere with other’s needs.

    I’ve learned this the hard way. Though thankfully no more, my dreams are too important to not realise them.

    Cheers to the dreamers. πŸ™‚

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