Sometimes being used to routine will lead us to boredom. It will be so exiting at first but eventually when we do the same thing over and over the chances of us getting tired of it can be very high. The truth is that it really sucks and probably all of us still keep doing it, I don’t know why.

There is nothing wrong is changing our routine, trust me. Whether you go to work or come home in the evenings after your day, whatever it is it doesn’t hurt us anyways if we change our schedule sometimes. I know a lot of people who abide by the “routine rule” and do exactly the same thing over and over again everyday. Why do we need to be like that ?

C’mon do something about it. Just go out and get some fresh air, or go somewhere that you find so interesting. Engage in other activities and just relax yourselves. Don’t take your life so seriously and live a boring life. Do something that inspires you, fascinates you and makes you happy.

Doing the same things over and over again for more than sixty years is not called life. That’s called routine and sometimes, the gravity of having been like that may hurt us one day so bad. So before it’s too late, change your routine and do something that you really want to do. In the end, we all have one life to live – so make the best out of it.

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10 thoughts on “STAY AWAY FROM ROUTINE

  1. I find that if I plan my day ahead, I never do what I planned to do. So I actually make up things as I go along, and it works well enough for me. It’s so much more interesting as well. I definitely agree to this post.

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