A calm mind is like a clear water. It is still, unshaken, pure and full of life. Because of its clarity, we can see though the water and observe the sea bed and the pebbles that reside with it. It’s really so beautiful to watch, if you have observed. The reflection of your face is so clear.

But if you put a stone in it, the stillness of the water goes and your face cannot be seen clearly, isn’t it ?

Similar to this scenario is our mind. If we let our mind to be peaceful and still, then the mental strength of our brain will be so high. It will be powerful and will give us peace. That peace can cause us to tap a huge amount of internal energy from the inside and it will give us a strength from within. Some people call it ‘consciousness’. That is most powerful form of mental energy and increasing that energy requires us to be calm and peaceful. And it comes with a lot of patience and practice.

One of the best ways to obtain a peaceful mind is through meditation. Make sure you practice meditation everyday. It clears your mind of its doubts and provides you with great relief. It decreases stress, anxiety and provides an overall mental balance.

The next way is to avoid distractions. It also messes your peaceful. Invoking negative and troubled thoughts can cause you to be less peaceful. So avoid such distractions and make your mind filled with positive thoughts.

So try your best and be prepare yourself to be calm. Having a peaceful mind is the 100% proof that you are headed to the right path of personal freedom.

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  1. Lovely blog post!! Having a calm mind takes much patience and practice, like you mentioned, especially in the world we live in today with so many distractions everywhere. Meditation is so amazing, and something I want to get in the habit of doing every day. After I meditate, I feel so much clarity. It’s amazing! Thanks for the inspiration! I really enjoyed reading your motivational words. πŸ™‚

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