When life hits us hard, we will be forced to the lowest level of personal freedom. Our mind will be cluttered with thoughts of regret, shame and guilt making us doubt of our existence. We may seem to have lost everything in life, making us believe that we are the greatest failure ever.

Sometimes it’s like that. Things happen so unexpectedly and before we realise, our day turns out to be the worst. Sometimes a single day may ruin our future years because of our choices or actions. But it’s perfectly alright and it happens to everyone. I have been there too and I know how it feels like.

My message is this – that there is always a second chance in our life. This is an opportunity to each of us, a gift that life has given us, that can be utilised to our advantage and make everything right. Whatever it is, you have a second chance – to improve, excel, develop, comeback and push yourself harder so that you overcome your obstacle and move forward strongly in life.

So don’t blame yourself for your bad experiences and make it hard on you. Consider those bad experiences as a great privilege that life gave you to achieve the biggest things in life.

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  1. I hope my second chance will be someone who takes me on for my abilities and not avoid me for my disabilities.
    Failing that, I am working on setting up a pet business in my spare time, so if that does well, then I will thank them for not bothering with me, otherwise that would not have happened. ☺️

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