When you are in self doubt and in a position to not know what to do next, you start to think a lot about it. Should I do it ? Is it worth it ? What will be my future if I go like that ?
A lot of questions tend to arise inside your mind. You are confused, troubled and worried.

How can you be sure about your decision when you are in such a state ?

Well, the answer to that is having courage. You need it abundantly and it must be within you always. You need courage to believe, to succeed, to move forward and convince people that you are capable of great things, to make sure that you believe in yourself and you won’t fail, no matter what.

That is what courage is about. It must give you confidence to move on despite the odds. And you have to learn to have it within you so that you can reach the pinnacle of greatness.

So have the courage to believe in your decisions and move forward confidently in life.

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