When to pretend to be good at something that you really aren’t there is a possibility of misconception within you. You start to have a battle inside you, a battle between your subconscious and your conscious. The truth is always this – it is the subconscious that will always triumph, no matter what. You can’t convince your inner mind to be tricked. It’s just a waste of time.

So there is no point in lying to yourself and making something believe in you strongly, against your will. That is a wrong notion. Even though if you somehow convince your mind( something that you strongly don’t believe in ), the truth is going to knock your mind one day and the reality will strike you. And there will be a ‘point of realisation’.

So there is no point in lying to yourself. You can’t reach greatness if you do it like that. Be true to yourself and accept what you are. Don’t be ashamed if you are not good at something. Nobody is perfect and a person do not possess all the talents in the world. Accept what you are and reach greatness. That will be the greatest triumph of your life.

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  1. The truth is a bitter pill to swallow for many people and they find it hard, to be honest with themselves no matter how evident the truth may be.

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  2. Thank you for this inspiration! We are not Superman or Wonder Woman, although the world will tell us we are. Celebrate our strengths and our weaknesses. 😊

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  3. Being honest to ourselves is one of the most hardest things most of the time… Lol

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  4. Wow! well said. some persons are just keen in expressing their reals feelings,hence they prentend to being nice. The truth aleays sets us free

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  5. Very true! Well written!

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  6. You really have a gift, my friend. Your words are genuine and I love that. Very well said and so true.

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