It’s ok if you don’t win, trust me. The only thing that matters is how much you were involved in the whole process and the fun that you had through the entire journey. It’s all about participating. We all strive for success, but let me ask you one thing – ‘Is winning the final thing’ ?

Of course it’s not. If you do it for winning, yes, you will be happy. But what if you fail at the next attempt in the same thing that you won previously. There is the matter of consistency and all but you can’t win always, isn’t it ?

Great tennis players like Federer, Nadal and Novak have failed in great competitions. So winning is not the ultimatum.

The whole point should be this – that you must enjoy the whole process and create a spirit of enthusiasm will all those people who aspire to travel through the path of success 😊. Winning is only temporary, but the memories that you create along the journey lives on with you forever.

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  1. Absolutely agree.. the process that make us wiser and even greater..

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  2. True. We should always trust the process. Not the output. Let other people take care of the output. And they really do. They don’t see the process. But you do.
    Live fully.

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  3. Yes we should do struggle sincerely and should not care about result. Well said

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  4. Wholesome stuff, man. Good post.

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    • The thing that stands out in your blog, for me, is the good control over grammar that you have; and, of course, the message that you write is empowering. I’ll be open about it: I suffer from bipolar II. Reading this helps me, for numerous reasons. Keep writing the good writing, brother.

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      • I am so grateful for your kind words and the time that you took to read my article. I am
        So happy that you found it helpful 😊. Thanks so much and have a nice day ahead.

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    • Thank you my friend 😊

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  5. Very true. It’s what you learned and how you grew from it that matters the most.

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  6. Very inspiring keep up the great work πŸ‘

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  7. Really cannot stress this enough. If winning is your only goal then you will soon get bored. If you are enjoying the whole journey only then you will have the drive to keep going!

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  8. So true! Not everything is about winning, it’s about having the motivation to carry on, no matter how many times you hit a wall! Fantastic post, can’t believe I didn’t think of this!

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