We love our life so fast that we don’t have time to look back. Rarely does that happen. Each of our new day begins with a set of objectives and tasks that we need to attain in that day and we loose track of time. To simply put it I didn’t realise how fast this week went ( I was so busy researching for my topics to put in my blog, in the best possible way ).

It was not until I got a call from my cousin brother that I realised how fast the week went. He called me for saying that he was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and to me that meant a lot. I was so happy for him and he has been working so hard to shape his future and he needed this. His words ( he almost cried through phone, which doesn’t happen often lol ) and I could sense how happy he was. I am planning on visiting him this coming week.

After the call I had with him, I was reminded of how beautiful our life is and how colourful our life can be. In the midst of our busy life let us spend some time that is worth treasuring and celebrate the beauty of our lives.

Have a wonderful day ahead and stay happy !

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  1. Congratulations on a new member to your family, incredible blessing. Happiness is the simplest precious moments and people around you if you pay attention. Awesome, reminder! Beautiful post.

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  2. everyday I ask myself several questions. One of which is “what can I celebrate?” If I ever can’t find something I know it is not because it is not there, but because I am not looking hard enough

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    • Yes you are absolutely right. Take your own time and enjoy the beautiful moments. There are plenty of them 😊. It’s just that we have to present in the moment and enjoy the process. Thank you so much for your comment 😊


  3. Yes…we need to take out time from our busy lives and discover ourselves. We should recollect what we have left behind while chasing our dreams.Even i have shared my views on this on my blog.
    And congratulations on a new member.
    Nicely writtenπŸ‘
    Keep up the good workπŸ‘Œ

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