Listening to music has been one of my all time favourite hobbies and when ever I feel stressed out or tired, I just close my laptop, take the iPod and listen to some awesome pieces. It takes me to a different world and completely mesmerises me. My mind is filled with powerful thoughts and it makes me relaxed and happy.

That’s music. It’s so serene and there is some magic in it. We listen to some songs and it influences us so greatly, isn’t it ? We become a different person and our perspective of thinking changes so much. It broadens our thinking capability and improves our well being. Great people in the world have always been avid music listeners or they were involved in it somehow. Albert Einstein used to play violin, Plato was a great lover of melodies, Charles Darwin loved musical tones and rhythms and the list of such famous personalities continues.

Even studies have shown us that a person who regularly listen to music is 10% more creative than the person who listen to it sometimes.

So listening to music helps me a lot and I know it helps you a lot too. Continue enjoying the simple pleasures that life has given us and let us enjoy the beauty of life. Let me know your favourite song in the comments section below and have a happy day ahead !! 😊

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16 thoughts on “THE MAGIC OF MUSIC

  1. Music is awesome! I have so many favorites but right now there’s a song by Coldplay & The Chainsmokers titled “Something Just Like This” ❀it! Great post

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  2. It is true. Music is known to have some visible changes in the brain too. It is meditative, healing and is a healthy way to zone out from every day problems. You have some wonderful insights in your blog. Keep writing and sharing your wisdom.

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