If you have a mission and you want to achieve it, then the first thing that you need to do is set a strong vision. Vision can be related to a dream or a distant goal that you plan far ahead and aspire to achieve within some time. The importance of setting a vision is as crucial as accomplishing your mission.

Setting a vision is very simple. But what really matters is the difficulty in being consistent and realising it daily. It’s very hard to stay focused and keep working for your goals everyday. Sometimes you will be inspired, sometimes you will be demotivated ( I write a lot of posts somedays but go so lazy sometimes lol ).A coin has two sides and anything can come upon tossing. Similar to that is your effort. Some days you put in too much effort, some days you aren’t able to put in that much effort and it seems just terrible.

Setting a good time table and following it everyday consistently will allow you to be more productive. By doing so the chances of you achieving your goals will be higher. At the same time, it’s also important to be relaxed at some time of the day and never over stress yourself. As the saying goes ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

So instead of focusing too much on your goals, pay crucial attention in setting a vision first and promise yourself everyday that you will work for it tirelessly and achieve your dream one day.

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  1. Once I had a vision to move to France and live. Everyone said I couldn’t or wouldn’t and when it became clear that I was indeed going, they said it wouldn’t last. I’ve been here almost ten years and have no desire to ever leave.

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  2. I can really relate to this post. I had a vision to start a writing blog and everyone encouraged me but the thing holding me back were my apprehensions. One day I decided to just make an account on WordPress before I lost my nerve and thought I would worry about everything else later. In the end it worked out for the best.

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    • I am so proud that you were able to overcome your fears and take the right step. Sometimes in life, we have a slow start because great things are planned ahead for us and life trains us to face it’s extremities. Thanks a lot for reading my article and have a nice day ahead 😊

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  3. I feel like consistency is the hardest part! For me it’s easy to get started but hard to keep going, especially when it will be awhile before results will be seen.

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