HOW MANY OF us actually follow our passion?

This is a question that has so much significance than we actually think. How many of us remember doing something that has put a smile onto our faces. When was the last time that we did something and it made us realize that ‘THIS IS THE THING THAT I WAS BORN TO DO’. I know a lot of people who discovered what their passion was but unfortunately couldn’t keep that passion going. This is a sad reality. But it is true and that is how the things are for a majority of us. We have always been like that. Some of us have taken a step back from our passion thinking to come back to it later on. Some of us sacrificed our passion for a better job. Some of us derailed from our path after seeing the failure of a person who travelled the same path as us. Some of us quit our passion for the sake of our family. And the list continues…..

Yes, I know. We have a lot of reasons and justifiable excuses. But does it mean that we keep doing like this for the rest of our lives. Where is the logic is that? Don’t we want to remain happy? Aren’t we entitled to be respected for the talent that we possess?

”Having a strong passion isn’t a crime. Rather it is a privilege and we must accept it with our whole heart and try to achieve it. Greatness has always been to those people who have valued their passion, worked for it and strongly believed in it.”

But how do we recognize our passion. How do we know if it’s worthwhile, worth taking the risk and worth following? How do we discover it?

One way of discovering your true passion is by allowing the passion to occupy your mind. Which means that you keep on doing what you love doing endlessly, you enjoy it so much that you aren’t even tired of it. At the end of the day when you go to the bed you are just as happy as you can be and there is a sense of satisfaction inside you. If you have felt this way about anything that you did, then congrats. You have found your passion. Just keep doing it and never stay away from it. Whatever the situation is. Chances are the more you discover about your passion, the more likely you are towards success.

The second way to discover your passion is by allowing yourself to be committed to a lot of activities. As you try to get involved into lots of activities over the days there might be something that will be always occupying your mind. Whatever you do, it doesn’t escape from your thoughts and it just keeps bugging you from inside. You might be thinking about it unconsciously and might even be working for it. You will be touched by a sense of settlement, that hasn’t happened to you any time before. This is also an indication that you have discovered your true passion.

After you successfully find what your passion is, the next thing you should do is slowly learn to nurture your passion and start working for it. There will be a lot of objections sometimes, from people that you care, or from any other sources, advising you to step back from it. Don’t do it. Don’t listen to anything. Just make them realize about the importance of your passion and how serious you are about it. Don’t compromise. Instead just do what you loved doing the most. Strive hard to achieve for it as each and everyday passes. Learn about your craft and be well informed about it. Work for your dreams and excel in it. Realize that the key to true happiness and excellence is when you are immersed by the content of fulfillment that you get when you do something that you love doing so much. That’s the biggest magic of success.

So find time and realize your passion. Rediscover it if your have lost it in midway. Understanding the importance of life is necessary. But allow yourselves to be surrounded by the positivity of your dreams, aspirations, fulfillment and joy. Let it add more color onto your lives.

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  1. Some time our passions, ambitions diminished by others which are not at all related to us…but nobody can stop our desire and dreams…good writing.. keep it up Abhijith.

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  2. Interesting… Food for thought! I know many people (including myself) who are easily discouraged by others’ opinions, and I think it’s such a shame. There’s so much things we could do if we didn’t always doubt ourselves. I’m trying to fix this problem though!

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    • I have checked out our posts. There are really good and there’s a message in each and every one posts of yours that I am sure will light the hearts of your readers 😊. Keep writing and always put content that people love to read. Take care, stay in touch with my posts and have an awesome day my friend 😇

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  3. Very inspiring. I would add that our childhoods can often be a great place to visit for clues as to what our passions may be. We are usually the most honest with ourselves at that point in our lives, before the clouds of societal scrutiny poison our dreams.

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