I have heard lot of people telling me
‘He is so lucky to get that job’ or ‘How lucky he is to live a happy life’ or ‘Wow, he is really lucky and that will lead him to success’. Honestly I don’t give a thing about it and don’t believe in this myth at all. It’s just rubbish.

How can you underestimate a person so much and believe that he is lucky ? That’s the most absurd thing at all. We have never been in his shoes and haven’t walked his life. Then how can we claim that he was lucky ?

The thing is this – there is no such thing as luck, believe me. It’s just a cooked up myth to protect ourselves from falling into the pit of guilt for not being to be an opportunist. Yes, that is what it is, opportunity. That is what makes you lucky.

If you seize the opportunity and act accordingly, the chances of you being lucky are higher. This is the simplest math. If you want it, you have to go for it, wait patiently and seize it before some else seize it. Now, that’s not that hard. You just got to have the right mindset and be prepared, that is all that you need to do.

So in the future if someone tells you that he just got lucky, consider him to be a good opportunist who nailed the situation perfectly.

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P.S – let me know about your thoughts on ‘Getting Lucky’ through valuable comments. I love you hear about your views.



  1. You’re writing style is amazing and the blog is completely inspirational and motivational. I already love this post and the kind of content you post here☺ I hope to read more soon ☺

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  2. A good post – well composed and quite inspiring! By the way, luck or opportunity are words employed to reflect one’s thoughts depending upon one’s own perception of results or end-situation, and hence, could be construed as subjective in nature. Keep blogging Abhijith – way to go!

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  3. This was a very well done piece. Your philosophy of luck definitely has it’s truths lol and I would agree. Luck is something all of us have. It’s a mindset. Law of attraction per say as luck is what we make it to be and is something we create for ourselves. Love the post.

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  4. This is spot on! I find that “luck” tends to be the result of saying yes to things and not overthinking things too much. Great work, and thanks for following my blog! πŸ™‚

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  5. I don’t believe in luck either. That’s what I told my students last year. They either work hard to achieve their dreams or stay lazy and blame “luck” for not getting what they want – which should technically mean blaming themselves since “luck” doesn’t really exist.

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  6. Nope, luck do actually exists. We’ve been working with the Universe everyday, whether we realized that or not. If you ask the Universe to show you the truth to some incidents, trust me, He will surely work it out for you. Give Him some time. This is how the origin of luck or the more holier ones, miracle, derived from. It’s all about working to get together with the energies that revolve around us. Remember, what we send out to the Universe, He in return, shall processed it to suit us and eventually our accrediting Karma. So yeah, your luck is just like your karma. Just that there will be a slight plot twist.

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    • Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment Liz. I respect your thoughts because I am not supposed to judge your view. However I believe that we make our own lucky by being conscious and aware about what’s happening around us 😊. Anyways thanks so much again and have an awesome day my dear friend πŸ˜‡

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  7. Chance is probably a better word to use to describe what most people associate with the word “luck”.

    A real life example of bad luck.

    Two shops recently closed down at the same time in the High Street in the small town I work in (pop. approx 20,000).

    In both shops, unknown to each other, two mobile (cell) phone repair services providers were planning to and have opened their respective shops at the same time. There was a gap in the market for one, but it is unlikely both can survive.

    ‘Bad luck’ for the one that doesn’t? I’d say so, he/she saw an opportunity and took it. But an unlikely series of events meant somebody else also saw exactly the same opportunity in the same place at the same time.

    A example of good luck, the third round of the Open (golf) in 2002.

    I remember watching it on TV. The weather in the morning was lovely and the players scored well. The afternoon was possibly the worst weather conditions ever experienced in a golf major, unsurprisingly the players scored poorly. It was near impossible conditions to play a round of golf in.

    Chance is a factor in everything, I think it is a little naive to discount the force it plays in the world and every decision your or I make. However by pursuing more opportunities we increase the chance that we will – eventually – succeed.

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