When you wake early, you have a lot of time ahead and you can get engaged in a lot of different activities. This increases the chances of your involvement and thus will leave in you an impression of satisfaction, making you believe that you had a great day.


There is no point in regretting the things that you couldn’t do the previous day. Nor does it help you become happy. Avoid thinking in such a way and look forward to a better day. Each day is a new chance to improve yourself and this is a great opportunity. Utilise it.


Try to remain cheerful while you get involved in different activities. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and have a happy time and create lots of good memories.


At the end of the day when you go to bed you must be as happy and joyful as you can be. Don’t regret anything. If you had any plans in mind for that day, it’s better to get it done in that day itself. Carrying it for the next day is not a good practice. So don’t leave any regrets when you go to bed.


Be an optimistic and always hope for a better tomorrow. You did what you could today. Be satisfied with it. Plan and keep yourselves engaged on how can you make the next day even colourful. This will surely help you a lot in getting ahead.

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  1. Hi, i enjoy reading this blog. It was very insightful and i love your wisdom. I try to practice this every day. I believe if you practice these tips every day then that it the secret to having an amazing life. Thank you for inspiring me

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  2. I’m glad to find a blog like yours!,Feelin’ inspired, please visit my blog and follow if you like my work!

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  3. I replied to one of your comments with this:
    In reply to Abhijith Padmakumar.
    Thank you again.
    I have read some of your posts and I apologize for not commenting, time is often a factor for me.
    I’ve just cued it up (http:// authorabhijith.com) and on first sight, I love the format. Psychologically it is open, welcoming and exciting! taking this article as an example: https://authorabhijith.com/2017/07/26/5-steps-to-an-amazing-day/, the content is clearly presented and thought provoking. The reader, depending on their current mindset will easily be able to activate the advice and integrate it into their growth journey. Please keep up the excellent work. You are changing the world with every article.

    To add to it, I must tell you that your blog is refreshing and respectful to the reader. It allows them to take what they want and grow. Please keep up the great work.

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  4. Great post and great blog. Thanks for following Scott’s Sky Watch.

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  5. This one was really good and pretty inspiring.

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  6. Great blog man! Really enjoy reading the articles πŸ™‚

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  7. This is a great post! You really live up to your blog’s name, so motivational you are πŸ™‚

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