As I walked through the market today in the morning, after buying some vegetables with my mother, I saw an old woman sitting around the corner, silently. She was an old woman and she was so worn out of tiredness. Any person who stood there could guess that from just a look. She was asking for help ( begging is a mean word, I think). She was extending her arms and was desperately hoping for something good. I was observing her for some time and to my regret, no body who passed through her way offered help. She couldn’t walk because she had lost a leg.

I was really sad because there were a lot of people who came from good social circles and they didn’t have time to even consider looking at her condition. I bought some food and water and went towards her to give it. I gave them to her and waited for some time. She took them so fast and began eating rapidly, drinking water along in between. After she finished eating I just gave her a smile. There was tears in her eyes and she said something to me but I didn’t understand what she said. I couldn’t understand her language. She placed my hand over my head and smiled and I walked away back home happily.

We do not need to have any special talent to be kind to someone. We just need to be present and be there at that moment and act willingly. It’s just about taking the right initiative. Even though I didn’t understand her language I like to see it as her blessing and I will be proud of it for the rest of my life. I will cherish those memories forever. Because kindness is something that you give when a person really needs it. And sometimes a small act of kindness is all that it takes to make someone’s life really memorable.

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38 thoughts on “THE SECRET OF KINDNESS

  1. It’s easy to forget that humanity has the capability to be good and kind in a world filled with reminders of all its horrors. You are a reminder of what can be good in the world and hopefully inspire others to do likewise.

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    • Thank you so much for reading my post Akanksha and I am really honoured and privileged for you nominating me 😊. I haven’t received any notification but I am really happy and it means a lot to me 😊. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart. Have a nice day ahead my friend πŸ˜‡

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  3. The aspect of how you talk about just normal things is amazing, I love the reality of your posts. Keep on with this spirit and you’ll realize more of your potential. Great work my friend.

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  4. The world needs more of this, the act of kindness is very powerful. In a world full of hate and selfishness being selfless and willing to give will take you a long way my friend. Great post I’m wishing you tons of blessings πŸ™

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