WE ALL HAVE dreams and wish for it to happen. There are different kinds of things that we wish for in life. For some it might be buying a cool new luxury sedan, for some it might be buying a new home, for some it might be the start up of a new business venture and for some it might be getting a good job at a reputed company after having toiled for more than three to four years. And the list goes on. In short all we want is a better and more luxurious life. A life that is worth living for and worth dying. A life where we are recognised and respected by the people around us. But unfortunately, there are many people out there who are not able to achieve and are struggling for making their dreams come a reality.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve your dreams and get the job done.


   There is a common notion that to achieve things you have to dream. This is true. But sometimes people start to dream and tend to remain there. They keep on dreaming- about their success, about their fortunes. They think of doing lots of things and plan a lot of strategies to make their dream come true, but actually they haven’t even started to do anything. Just hours and hours of planning and thinking in vain. And when they are hit by the reality of not accomplishing anything, they arise problems like depression, mood swings and lose in self confidence.

So the best way to overcome such troubles is to be practical and set your foot onto the grounds of reality. Be real. Think about the real possibilities. Start to analyse your situations and think about practical strategies and try to execute them slowly. You can’t achieve everything in a day. It will take some time. And the best way to move forward is by practically planning things and attempting to stick with it as much as possible. Slowly, you will start to observe the changes that’s happening and will realise how much forward you are in realising your dream. This will provide in you a lot of confidence and deliver you a positive impact.


Great things were done by people who dared to dream high and stood inspired always. Likeways the role that inspiration can play in the process of achieving your dream is very crucial and it will always help you to reach your goals faster. Be inspired. Be motivated. Watch some inspirational videos that will trigger in you an urge to do something towards the development of your goal. Some may seek inspiration while listening to music. For some people it will be a calm, quite place. The idea is to stay inspired all the time. People who tend to have remained inspired always have achieved more than those who were less inspired.


If you want to achieve something big then you must get out of your bed, step out of the comfort zone and do the thing. End of story. There are no another excuses for it. Being lazy shows how less inspired you are and how much your dream really means to you. It shows how less concered you actually are.

Nobody has ever climped the ladder of success by just sitting comfortably. You need to work hard and put in lot of effort to achieve great things in life. And that takes some time. The best way to ahead is get started.


As the saying goes ‘Consistency is the key’. You need to be consistent in the work you perform. Continuous work have always yielded great results and have helped people achieve things to a higher level. Devote your time to work on the things that you are weak at and learn through the process. Evaluate yourself. Identify where you are weak, which your stronger sections are and consistenly improve your work as each day passes.You will be surprised at the result, trust me. Thus by working and being constantly involved in the process, you can achieve a lot than you can possibly think.


Working for your goal is good but make sure that you don’t get carried away in the process. Being continuously involved in the work can sometimes cause stress, frustration and even anxiety. It is always important to remain stress-free and happy and be peaceful.

Take breaks from your work when you want. Do the things that you love doing, preffarably your hobbies. This may be listening to music, painting, or taking photographs or taking a long walk. Whatever it is just do it and try to remain happy and enjoy the entire process. When you are relaxed and peaceful you tend to get more ideas and you can use these ideas to your advantage and thus improve your work productivity.


Having a clear and positive attitude is very important while you try to realise your dream. Sometimes it may not be your day. Things might have not gone according to your plan or you may be faced with some difficulties or prior engagements that might take away your time.

Don’t be frustrated in such situations. Don’t be desperate. Instead, try to remain calm and have confidence in your abilities. Being negative not only causes you to lose faith but also might cause things to get worser. So always try to be a person who sees good in anything and expect for the best.

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  1. What an awesome post, and I love it. I can’t agree more with those 6 methods. As I’ve read it, I hope all those who really need it get to see and read it as well. Thanks for sharing and stay blessed. 😉👍

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    • Thank you so much 😊. It’s ok my friend. We all get tired and it’s part of the process, don’t worry about it at all. The most important thing is to be focussed and enjoy what you do 😊. Thanks a lot again and have a great day. Your comments always makes my day 😇

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is a wonderful post of encouragement, Abhijith! Dreaming is only the ignition. Then we need to take steps towards the realization and we need to be aware that obstacles can occur. But they are not meant to hinder us but in finding solutions to remove them they prepare us for the further steps! That’s why we need to stay optimistic, as you said. Very good! Keep your good work up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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