Just stop doing what you are doing at the moment and take a look around you. Relax, take a deep breath and contemplate your surroundings, whatever it is. Observe it, analyse it and start to think of how you became a part of that surrounding.

I know the feeling. I have been there too and it is definitely worth watching. Whatever you saw is true and that moment has become a part of you. Knowingly or unknowingly it lives within you and it is carried on inside your heart forever. That’s the beauty of beautiful moments. It will live within you forever, always.

Life is not a race, nor does life expect you to win a race. All it cares for is your happiness and your happiness is it’s satisfaction, really it is. So spend your time doing things that will create beautiful moments. There is a beautiful moment in everything. You just have to discover it and start accepting it. Because life is a summation of unforgettable moments.

So appreciate the beauty in everything and live a life that is worth telling to people. Positions, accomplishments, acceptance are all temporary and getting all these things doesn’t guarantee you an awesome life. Somethings are worth more than that. So it’s up to you. Live your life or let life live you the way it wants.

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