If you believe in something so badly that you are so desperate to achieve it, then nothing in this world can stop you from obtaining it. That is what I believe and that belief has always given me confidence to move forward in life.

There are lots of obstructions in life. Difficulties that will slow you down and decrease your determination to thrive ahead. They come to our lives in the form of negative people, bad luck, rejections – at the most unfortunate circumstances.

Life will knock you down so many times that you will sometimes literally forget the taste of success and achievement. It will tear your soul and make you believe that you are not capable of anything.

There is only one thing to do and that is this – don’t lose hope and keep trying. Keep working day and night and whenever you can. Just forget the result for time being and get up from where you fell and stand straight and fight with courage, confidence and determination. That is the true litmus test to know that you have perseverance within you. Keep that spirit ignited inside you always and conquer what you aspired for, what you truly believed in, what you truly wanted.

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  1. Hi Abhijith, this one caught my attention – I totally resonate with this one. I’m glad to have met a like-minded soul like you and I too hope to read more and more of what you have to share! πŸ˜€ Keep inspiring us all too πŸ™‚

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  2. Reblogged this on Landing my Disney Job and commented:
    These kinds of inspiring posts give me the confidence to keep on working on making my dream a reality!

    I am working on this dream as we speak, with some exciting things happening at the moment in terms of an upcoming interview and an opportunity that might just make this dream of mine come true! When I have more news I will share the excitement with you all.

    Thank you Abhijith Padmakumar for continuing to inspire! If you are reading this, I strongly recommend that you go follow his blog.

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    • Thank you so much Martin 😊. I am truly humbled and honoured and your kind gesture. It’s people like you that give me courage to do better each and every day 😊. Thanks again my friend and have a nice day ahead πŸ˜‡


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