Random Thoughts #10

Sometimes the wrong choices will bring us to the best destinations. So it doesn’t matter if you have made a wrong choice you know. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you are going to fail.

In fact it can be the turning point of your life sometimes. You never know how things are meant to be. We are not extraordinary decision makers. At least I am not. A lot of us make mistakes and sometimes things may not go according to our way.

But it’s natural, isn’t it ? What’s the point when you always make the right choices ? Where’s the fun in it ? So sometimes it’s just better to have made a wrong choice. Because all of us do.

So don’t be worried when you have felt that you have taken a bad choice. Sometimes it may be for your best which can change your life forever. It may come at the most unaccepted moment, when you least expect it, when you haven’t imagined of it happening.

So take your life as it comes and work your way upwards slowly.

Photo Courtesy – google.com


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