Random Thoughts #13

Ever faced a dilemma in your life where you have to opt for a single choice and ignore the other even though both of them were equally important to you as an individual ?

Yes, I know. We have been in this position a countless number of times and yes, we do regret some of them though we didn’t do anything intentionally.

It’s like that sometimes and I know that it’s not fair. But we have to face the reality. How can we make sacrifices without having a regret ?

It’s not easy and we must learn to accept the fact that some choices we make may affect us positively or negatively. So how can we make sacrifices that’s not worth regretting ?

Here are some ways :-

1) Make sure that you know both the scenarios well enough before you decide to take a stand.

2) Prioritise your need and then do things accordingly.

3) Hope for the best always and never blame yourself if your decision was a bad one.

4) See to it that your sacrifice has a meaning to fulfil your purpose and help you achieve the thing that you aspired for.

5) Finally, be patient because you are not an expert. You may make a lot of mistakes and bad choices first. But eventually with experience, you will gain the ability to judge yourself and take a better choice.


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