I had a lot of people in my life who were so special. My relatives, friends from college, people from my surroundings and the list goes on. These people gave me the best time possible and no matter how many years pass by, the memories given by them will always be engraved within my heart.

There were happy moments, sad moments, moments that I cherish reliving and moments that I want so badly to happen again. The overall feeling is so special to take in and I am sure that you would know how that felt like.

But as time passed, our connections grew weaker. Some people went out from my life, some people got busy living and trying to figure out their life. Even though there is social media at hand, a good real face-to-face conversation is 1000x better than a normal chat, isn’t it ?

Yes, I miss them. These wonderful people that made my life special as I grew each stage of my life. But at the same time I am also happy for them – they have moved on and are living a better life I hope.

Farewells are the most dreadful things in the world. I know deep inside that I will not be able to meet all the them again cause they are all scattered in different directions and going in person and meeting them all personally is merely an impossibility, considering our human life span. There are literally countless people to whom I want to thank in person for making me the wonderful person that I am today.

I will miss all these wonderful people but I will never forget the beautiful memories that they gave me and I will cherish these moments forever.

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6 thoughts on “I WILL MISS THEM ALL

  1. Yes in life a time comes when we rest a while and look back the way. We think about all those people who were part of our journey. Some of them go their own direction and some one are with us. Their gape could not filled by new one. But new ones have their own place.

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  2. I think it’s just normal that at some point we lose people because we move from places to places, and get busy with our goals so sustaining friendships becomes hard. But I hope they miss you as much as you miss so somehow a chance to get reunited with them will be possible.

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