Trust me when I say this but it’s actually nice if you don’t hang out with the people who don’t value your worth.

Why? It’s simply because such relationships with people are not going to improve your life. It’s only going to degrade yourself. Yes, in every possible way.

There are people who will make you feel like you are weak, you are not capable, you aren’t strong enough to get what you want from life. They may be a part of your life, knowingly or unknowingly but you won’t be able to realise it.

Even though if you figure it out, you might find it difficult to cut such people from your life. But just think this – have they in any way helped you become something that you wanted to be at least by 1%? Have they been there with you when you wanted them the most in your life, just to express how you feel? Have they given you the importance that you deserved?

I am so sorry to say this but there are people ( not everyone of course ), who don’t value you for what you are, don’t value your dreams, value your time or value the relationship they share with you. Then what is the point in having an acquaintance with such people?

So all I want to tell you is this – be smart. Be realistic. Don’t be a fool. If there is any person in your life who don’t value your worth then just cut them off. Just do it. No guilty feelings. No second thinkings. Cause if such people really wanted to be a part of your life, they would have shown up anytime sooner.

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  1. When I was younger I used to have a lot of loyalty to people… too much even. I’ve realized some people aren’t worth it and and I’ve cut them off for good. While I forgive them I would not want to be friends with them again. I am so much more happier as a result. I have so much more time and energy for myself and for those who share a mutual loving relationship with me.

    All I can say is chances are you already know when someone doesn’t value you. Their mannerisms, their excuses, most importantly the way they use their time (or not use) toward you. Don’t be too dense, if something feels off it probably is. Stop wasting your time with such people and move on. It may feel painful for a time, but think about it this way: you lost no one significant, they lost someone who actually once valued them…

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