TAKING important decisions at the right moment is almost as crucial as executing them. We have all taken important decisions in our life, no argument about that. Some have produced excellent results and the outcome was as we had expected, getting applauds of too many people. But sometimes it happened in the opposite way, unfortunately. Nevertheless, we still keep going forward again, taking decisions in the hope that all will happen for the good.

But have we ever taken a decision out of a risk. I hope the chances for that are too minimal. Even though we will be prepared to take one, we do not undertake it owing to a lot of reasons. The truth is that we are scared and the thought of it makes us to withdraw from taking a risky decision.

Risk is a tricky word. The first thought that associates our mind when we think of it is failure. Thinking like that is obvious, nothing wrong about that. Almost all the people who hope to have success in their lives think twice before getting into trouble. There precisely lies the ultimate mistake. A lot of us think that taking risk gets us into trouble.

Well, the funniest thing is that it doesn’t. It’s just a myth that taking risk will spoil everything. A thought like that comes into our mind because we aren’t clear about the near future that we are going to be in. And when we aren’t clear about it the whole picture is blurred, just making us to go to square one.

So how can we avoid this negative thought and instill a positive picture about risks. Well the first thing we need to know is that taking risks will only make our chances of achieving success higher. All we have to do is learn to embrace it and make the best out of it. Great revolutionaries like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Benjamin Franklin, Richard Branson all took risks when everything seemed impossible and they thrived the heights of success, which made them people that we can always look up to.

The second thing about taking risks is that it prepares us to become stronger and gives us more insight about our mistakes. By getting into such an experience we have the opportunity of excelling and thus succeeding in the future.

We need to take risks in our lives sometimes because it can create an impact that can sometimes create an everlasting impression onto our lives.

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