Random Thoughts #13

Our individuality is what makes us special and it is important to keep that within us always. It’s our harpoon to help create a difference in the world and make us stand out from the crowd. Truly, we must learn to be special and stay special.

I believe that some people in the present world today try to engage in activities and do things in a way like most of the people did them. But then, if you do something like some other people did, then where is your essence in the entire thing? Where is your individuality?

Whatever you do, whatever thing it may be, leave your mark in it – at least by some amount. Create an impression and make it always special, so that when some people see what you have done, they feel ‘YOU’ in it. This is very important, especially when you try to do things creatively.

Same things ( creative things like arts, music etc ) are done by thousands of people, but what makes them stand out is that they are done by thousand different individuals who never failed to leave a mark behind. And that’s why we recognise their work even today. That’s why we still enjoy it when we experience them.

So don’t fail to leave your mark behind and create an impression. Remember that a lot of people have done and are still continuing to do things that you aspire to do. But it still hasn’t been done by ‘YOU’. So go out there and leave your mark in people’s mind forever.


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