If you want to get better or want to excel in something so badly, then there is one thing that you have to maintain throughout – and that is consistency. Yes, I know. You maybe so passionate about your dreams and you may be so inspired about your goals. But let me tell you one thing – if you don’t involve in it continuously, then you are not going to reach your destination.

So what is meant by ‘involving consistently’. It simply means that you have to work everyday ( each one of them, including the holidays ) to reach your desired destination. You have to wake up from your dreams and start to step your foot into the reality. You have to start realising that imaginary and vision will be nothing unless you start to do something. That realisation is the crucial thing needed in each and everyone of you.

Use that confidence and strive to reach higher and higher. Don’t stop. Just get up, go there, do it, feel proud of yourself, continue to work and once you are sure that everything’s over, then call it a day. It is a big struggle, I know. But it’s worth the effort, trust me.

So be consistent and go out there and start to become an achiever. I wish all of you my best wishes and hope you reach your destination one day !!

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