While it is perfectly okay to stick with the original plan and trust it with all your heart, it’s always advisable to have another plan up your sleeve. In case if your original plan doesn’t end up well on a good note, you can use the other plan and make things work.

Having a Plan-B always puts you at a good advantage and prepares you instantly to succeed forward. Executing it gives you confidence, creates in you a vibe of positivity and helps you to be focussed. On a normal scenario, the percentage for opting a second plan is minimal ( Plan A works out most of the time ) but the success rate of Plan B is more than 95%.

It indicates that it is always better to have a plan under your sleeve. Planning ahead and having an other plan will always put you in a favourable position.

So have a Plan-B prepared always and keep it ready. You never know when it’s time to take it up and execute it to your advantage.


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  1. Yes.. you are right. Every one should have a second plan always..any of your big investments the second opinion is always works.

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  2. People have Plan B but they don’t talk about it. It was in their most inner.


  3. You are so right and I always say, if plan A and B doesn’t work, you have 24 more letters of the alphabet. Eventually one of them will work out for you πŸ˜‰

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  4. I agree with this on all levels! there are times when i didnt have a plan B the disappointment was beyond me

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  5. I’ve always talked about a “Plan B” but never really mapped out one. I should really do this and stop talking about it all!

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  6. Yes. I always have a plan B 😊

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  7. Amazingly written!

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