Meditation is one of the best ways to ease your mind from tension and provide you with inner peace. Spend 15-20 minutes daily for meditation and let out everything that obstructing your mind. Remain calm and composed. Follow the practice everyday and you will be surprised by the result.


Thinking negatively is a bad practice and it will only make things worse. It has the ability to pollute your mind with unnecessary fears and doubts that might lead you to a pit. As far as possible stay away from being negative and try to bring in positive thoughts.


There might be a lot of people out there who may have their own view about a particular aspect. And sometimes these people might offer you a lot of advises, telling you to follow their advise. Don’t allow their thoughts to cramp with your piece of mind. It’s you who decide to make choices, not them.


Live the moment. Enjoy today and be as happy as you can. There is no point in thinking about tomorrow when you don’t know what’s going to happen the next day. A lot deal of problems come from simply overthinking about various aspects.


There is a saying that music is the best way to heal your mind and bring you peace. Listen to the songs that makes you feel so calm and composed. There is nothing more beautiful than listening to a good song. It can elevate your mind to a great extent and help you achieve happiness.


Just visit a place that you feel is so calm. Spend some time at that place. It can be your garden, or a window from your bedroom or a beach. Whatever the place is, just make sure you are just alone and try to remain involved in that moment. You will be surprised by the way you feel after spending some time.

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  1. Sir,I’d suggest you to write something up on “How to avoid negativity”,because I find it difficult,simply saying “Be positive”seems to be much more easy,there is one term “negaholic”means a person obsessed with negative thoughts,and I find myself one,many times…

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      • Thanks sir,
        Actually it’s my problem,I cannot stay happy for long,I’ve a bad temper,overflow of negativity,even if you ready posts,I’ve mostly written on negative topics,depression, nostalgia,death and etc…
        Hope you’ll offer me a good content to read..

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      • Ok I know how it feels like. I have been there and I have dealt with a lot of negativity in my life too, just like you. The main reason why I came to start a blog like this was because of my troubled life that I was so struggling with. Hopes, expectations, denials … all made me so weak and it even questioned my existence.

        But if I can give you any advise it is this – nothing stays in your life permanently, especially the bad times that happen in your life. So just have a positive attitude, ignore what’s making you feel pathetic and find a purpose to live your life the way you want to 😊. I hope you get my point Anugrah. I will try my best to improve my upcoming article. It won’t be too lengthy but I hope you will find it useful 😊. Please believe in yourself and if there is anything that’s troubling you please feel free to talk with me. I have been there and I know exactly how you are feeling. Have a great day buddy and live your life happily 😊


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    • Thanks so much 😊. I have monetised the site and ads run too. Maybe you might be having ad blocker enabled. Please disable it and you can see the ads running on my site. Thanks a lot for stopping by 😊. Please stay in touch with my posts and have an awesome day ahead !!


    • Hello Rahul, I hope that you are fine. First of thank you so much for taking time to read my post 😊. I read your post and I must say that your take on β€˜peace of mind’ is correct too.

      Now to answer your question, I do believe that it is possible to attain peace of mind. It depends on our mindset and our sheer willingness to remain positive throughout our life. Of course, remaining positive always requires a little bit of practice but if we can do it and successfully learn to master that art then I think we can be successful throughout all phase of our life πŸ˜‡. Thanks once again and have an awesome weekend ahead my friend.

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      • Hi Abhijith, thank you for going through my words but dear, believe me , the only way out is in ..or rather don’t believe me, ignore my words for teachings or advices are of absolutely no use as far as spirituality is concerned..Only your own experience is all that matters ..So try yourself..get this mind out through meditation and you will see what I am trying to tell you..wishing best of health & happiest for you !

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