I strongly believe that each of us was born into this world to make a big difference and do great things in life. Each of us is special and we have our own ‘personal magic’ within us. We have to unleash this personal magic and create a positive impact among our surroundings and make the world a better place. That is the true purpose of our lives, isn’t it ?

But how do we realize our own personal magic?

Personal magic is a trait or a quality that we possess in abundance within us. It is the unique treasure that lies within every person. Different people have different personal magic within them. In broader terms it’s actually a skill that we are very good at. By recognizing this skill we can achieve a lot of things than we actually think we can. The biggest challenge however is not in using this skill but identifying which our skill is that we are so good at.

Personal magic is a unique treasure that lies within every person and is a quality that can leave a big mark in this world.

The simplest way of identifying personal magic is by allowing ourselves to be involved in the thing that we are most passionate about. Naturally there will be a tendency to excel in what we are passionate at and once we identify this everything becomes so much easier.


The next important step is to tap this personal magic and use it to our advantage so as to leave an important mark in the world thereby trying to create a big difference. People in this world leave behind their own mark that is only unique to them. Each of us has it. And that’s what makes each of us special. By leaving a mark in this world we are able to create a drastic difference which is just enough to make this world better. Make sure that we all do this because each of us ( people like you and me )is entitled to ‘greatness’.

So try to be a person who is remembered for a great cause and is terribly missed by all the people. That is the biggest thing that we can do to make the world a better place. And it can only be done if you realize your own ‘personal magic’.

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  1. Well said Abhijith 🙂 Agree with you that we all are born to make some difference or dent in the universe and the only thing which is stopping us is that we don’t know what’s our personal calling or personal magic is. Great post mate. Have a great day and keep writing to motivate us 🙂

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