Yes it’s true. You are special and you were born in this world to achieve greatness and strive excellence. No doubt about that and I truly believe in it. That all of us out here are going to be proud achievers some day.

Yes, that’s it. We are achievers and we have the every right of claiming that beautiful word within us and nobody is going to take it away from us. It’s our birth right and we must have it for ourselves. But what do we need or how long can it take for us to reach there. I don’t know about it and neither can I give you an answer to it.

But let me make one thing clear, just one. No matter how hard your situations be or how hard you struggle, if you keep going and keep falling and try to learn confidently every single time – then you will win one day and victory will be surely yours. Do your best and try to be more than ‘THE BEST’ as each days passes. Excel at what you do and just be the greatest.

Success will be yours my friend and I can promise you that. Because those who have really tried whole heartedly without any fear and dared to dream their passion always have only achieved it. And surely, you can be an achiever too.

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  1. I have this thought, like no matter what you do, you will just be average. There will always be someone better than you. What you can do is to raise the average bar.

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    • Yes, certainly we can raise that bar. One thing you can do is get rid of such negative thoughts and fill your mind with more positivity. Of course there isn’t a person who is ‘THE BEST’ at everything. Each of us have our own strengths and weakness. Don’t allow your mind to think of you as an average. That’s a wrong practice. You are the best and you can achieve a lot of great things in life my friend. Just believe in yourself and keep doing what needs to be done. Victory will be surely yours πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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  2. Hey! Visited your blog and read your posts. This is really a motivational one. I remember people telling me to do my best for everything so I will never regret anything after that. It’s very true.

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  3. This was a very inspirational post, especially when you wrote “if you keep going and keep falling and try to learn confidently every single time – then you will win one day and victory will be surely yours.” I have been afraid of pursuing my goals for years merely existing in my opinion but now I feel so liberated! so free! to follow goals and dreams one step at a time.

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