Be you. Be original. The world around you is full of ‘them’. And they don’t care what you do. They don’t care what happens to you. It’s not their problem but sometimes things are like that. It just goes too fast and people stop to notice the good things around them. There is no point in blaming for that.

So you got to do what you have to do. You have to be strong, stay true to yourself and be real no matter whatever happens around you. Spend your time carefully and invest yourself into making you ‘the best’. Create your own version of yourself and leave a trademark among all the people around you.

Nobody is entitled to judge other people nor their actions. It’s theirs and they are the rightful owners of it. So don’t be afraid to be what you are. Don’t be afraid to do the things that you have always loved doing. Don’t be afraid to show your strengths to the world. Don’t be afraid to get accepted.

Because you are ‘you’ and you don’t need anybody’s approval to be yourself. Just be who you are and live your life doing the things that you love. Be proud of who you really are. Be special.

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  1. Yes.. don’t be them .. be you..nice topic..

    I know who I am. I am not perfect. I’m not the most beautiful man in the world. But I’m one of them. I work hard to live.. and full fill the requirements of my family.. do keep writing Abhijith..

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  3. Oooh friend I’m really also amazed at your blog. It has a nice look. This content is really nice and helpful, and I already bookmark your blog. Trust to always have me around. And we could also get to know each other more who knows?

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