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Don’t expect for anything in this world. Don’t waste away your time thinking about your achievements or the glory that you are going to have. Or expect anything from anyone, because keeping expectations will only lead you to disappointment – if it doesn’t happen as you wanted it to happen.

Mind your own business, do your own thing and strive hard to achieve it. Work consistently on what you are really passionate about and keep doing it. Efforts will always pay one day and it will lead you to success eventually.

Don’t expect anyone to help you stay focused or have hope in the mm. Just don’t. Because it’s always hard for people to keep the promises they make and from one day onwards they might not be able to help you ( due to reasonable circumstances ). It might hurt you so bad sometimes and you may be so angry towards them for leaving you behind. It might make you feel so insecure sometimes and make you frustrated. So why are you putting yourselves in such a situation ?

It’s not easy, I know. We all have expectations and we all have hope. But sometimes it isn’t that fair to us and we must keep this in our mind always. You can be lucky sometimes but you cannot be lucky always.

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Engineer, writer,blogger, wannabe journalist. This page is a reflection of my life and my opinion about different aspects thats happening around the world. I want people to read my opinions, thoughts, discover their life and be inspired.

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