Trust me, nobody can stop you if you have the courage, if you have the confidence, if you have the will of fire that’s burning inside you, if you have the right mindset and if you believe that no matter what happens you can do it, then believe me, no one can stop you – ever.

Trust me, a lot of people in our surroundings think that we are weak, we are fragile, we are not ambitious and we will never reach our goals and realise our dreams. You know what – the hell with them. They don’t know what we are capable of. They don’t know how much we can take and keep going and keep fighting. They don’t own us anything and therefore they are not our business.

Conquerors are those who fight bravely against the odds when there is the strong storm of opposition and when the path is dark as black.

Keep fighting and never let your guard down because nobody can stop you.

Keep the fire within you alive always my dear friends and always allow it to burn brightly inside your heart. Never allow the brightness of it dim for you are stronger than you actually are. Let that light guide you to the destination where you want to reach and let it protect you always and forever.

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18 thoughts on “NOBODY CAN STOP YOU

  1. This is the second post of yours I’ve read. You keep this old septuagenarian gassed up and rearing like a young stallion. Keep penning these posts, Abhijith. I don’t know whether you realize how many people need your motivational medicine to keep them going.

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