No more waitings. No more pretending. No more excuses. No more whining. This is not the time for all these. This is the time for you to awaken – make your dreams become a reality and see it really happen. Visualise that beautiful day happening one fine day and imagine he happiness you will be feeling. It’s so good and so wonderful. There are some things, that are worth fighting for, isn’t it ?

No more waitings because you have waited for a long time – going through rejections, setbacks, failures and consistent opposition. It’s now time for you to get up and rise above all these and soar your wings so that you can fly high, at last.

The beauty of freedom is the beauty of self confidence, of self happiness – an expression of idealistic contentment. These are you right – your personal right that you have full privilege of. Achieve them because they are your basic necessity.

No more waitings because you have a dream and you want that dream so badly to happen. And for that to happen, you must start the journey towards your goal right this moment, right now and complete your quest because you deserve to enjoy what’s destined for you.

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11 thoughts on “NO MORE WAITING

  1. Wow. Great read. This is where I’m at now. My 20’s were my self-discovery phase which nearly killed me a few times. My 30’s current phase is my action phase. No more overthinking, intentions are cheap, actions are expensive. I’m on my way to getting my Batchelors degree in Psychology then next objective is getting my Ph. D in clinical psychology. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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