The saying ‘Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting,’ is so true and I agree with it with all my heart.

There are many situations in our life that will test our limitations to the fullest and make us so frustrated. This maybe be the things that we aspire to get the most or something that we have always loved to have in possession of ourself. Or it can be anything that we desperately want to happen.

Remember that everything has its own time and rhythm. No matter how much we try there are certain moments in life where we have to wait patiently, no matter what. It will be really uncomfortable, boring and unpleasant. But to wait for something that you truly want is a wait that is worth suffering.

Certain situations don’t happen like the way we want it to happen. It takes time. Sometimes days, weeks, months or maybe a couple of years. But the wait is only temporary because one day you are going to get the thing that you had wanted so badly, trust me. It’s only a minor setback.

So relax, enjoy and be patient while keeping a good attitude. Involve in other activities in the mean time and allow yourself to be explored. Get to know yourself and do the things that you had wanted to do when you were busy with work. As someone said ‘Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are.’ Isn’t it true ?

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43 thoughts on “BEING PATIENT PAYS

  1. Wonderful post! I love your message here. Paitence has helped me overcome many obstacles. I think the biggest teaching moment I have had was when I started to develop patience with God. He certainly has a ton of patience with me it’s only fair I should extend the same to Him. Thank you for the great read! I am glad we crossed paths today 😊

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