If something means that much to you then you should not stop. You must not give up. The word ‘QUIT’ must be eradicated from your mind completely, leaving almost no chunks of negative thought inside you.

You must learn to be confident. Remain confident. And be prepared to face the rough challenges. Nothing can be gained unless you struggle. Trust me, nothing worthwhile can be gained without facing failure. It’s a part of the ‘WHOLE SUCCESS PACKAGE’.

You may fall, you may crawl, your mind might have given you thoughts of losing hope, of what a terrible failure that you are going to be in your life. It may trick you so cunningly that you fall into the pit of ‘GIVING UP’.

But don’t, please don’t. You should not give up when you have come this far ahead. When ‘SUCCESS’ is just at your door knocking for it to come inside. All you have to do is just walk and open that door and allow it to come inside.

So try, try harder and make things happen. Don’t quit. Don’t lose hope. Don’t fail yourselves. NEVER STOP TRYING.

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