I had a Math teacher in high school who always used to tell us that ‘Common sense is the only thing that you need to live your life’. Back then when we were all busy preparing ourselves daily to come out of high school with flying colours, rarely did we have the time to think. But when I look back now, what he said was so true.

You only need your common sense to succeed in this world. You need not have above average intelligence or you don’t have to a very bright memory. All you just need is a balanced proportion of the two.

So what is common sense ?

It’s just nothing but our own plain thinking. Thinking based on our experiences and the awareness that’s happening around us. Some people call it ‘plain logic’. That is all you need to ahead in today’s world, believe me. Use your simple logic and move ahead. There is no need to be too hard on yourself and start planning and preparing for everything.

When you see a cat jumping suddenly across the road while you are riding your cycle, you slow down your cycle and stop, isn’t it. It’s a simple logic that you apply then and there. You had no idea of the cats arrival 10 minutes before. When the situation arose, you acted accordingly.

That’s all you need to live in. Use such kind of logics in life, apply them at the appropriate situations and move along. That’s the best way to lead a life without any stress or preparedness. So use your common sense to achieve everything that you want to achieve.

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    • Lol yeah, that’s true 😊. I think it’s because we are always thinking up in a complex way and making it more difficult ( instead of just thinking out plainly ). Thank you for the read and have a. I’ve day ahead 😊

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  1. To be honest, I really do love this… We all need commo sense to just LIVE pretty much, yet common sense for a vast majority of us is still concrete logic of abductive reasoning to me. Not abstract.

    My personal favorite is epistemology, which further expands into inductive and deductive reasoning, which I often integrate into Alpha Antidote on, along with pneumatology and proper hermeneutics (interpretation of specific literary works).

    But no, seriously: I am very much obliged and honored to follow such a great blog you have! It is honestly so great for the collaborative reciprocity we experience daily on this online algorithm specifically.

    The staff is now praying for the furtherance of your success whther it be through more great knowledge & analogies you give to us or through a financial Gimel experience approaching you.

    Please, do keep it coming! 😊😎

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    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am really honoured and truly touched !!

      The inspiration of this article struck me in the most unexpected way and when this thought came inside my head, I was so excited to write about it 😊.

      Thanks again and please do stay in touch with my forthcoming posts. Take care and have an awesome day ahead πŸ˜‡


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