Sometimes we live a very complicated life don’t we? With many things in the list to be done, we rarely have time for the most important things that we want out of our life.

Why is it this way? Why can’t we have a life that’s so peaceful? A life where there are no worries, no tensions or no frustrations.

Confucius once told that ‘Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated’. I would have given a handshake to Confucius if he was still alive now.

So true isn’t it? If we give it a thought, he is right. We are the ones responsible for what happens in our life, period. We complicate things so much and make our life even more complicated. The final result – we are so damn fucked up.

Today the world is fast, that’s true. And even the people. We have come to a point where everything need to be done in a jiffy. We seek to obtain the results faster and move for getting the next thing done. We have to keep up with the pace to survive. But only to an extent.

There is only one life. I don’t believe in rebirth and I don’t think it exist. We have many wonderful things in life that we are missing out.

I urge my friends to find time for that. The things that you wanted to do in life, do it now. Because in the end good memories only matter and it can be attained only if we live a simple life. A less complicated life.

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