Dreams are visions of your colourful future and there isn’t quite any other privilege in this world than cherishing them. It’s what gives you hope to live and the courage to never give up. To be truthful, it’s one of the most beautiful thing in this world that can happen to a person – the mere joy that a person gets when their dreams finally come true.

Of course, our routine life and daily activities sometimes cause a blur to our distinct future and we find it so hard to realise our dreams, often. It happens this way to most of the people. They forget to realise their dreams and live the rest of their lives blaming themselves for the misfortune that they have been dwelling since the past, over the years.

Realise and make your dreams come true because it is your destiny and one day when you look back, you must have a feeling like ‘Yes, I took the right step and here I am fully happy’. That satisfaction, that happiness, that mere joy, that powerful feeling of confidence that you get, can only happen – if you dare to dream and make it come true. Nobody is going to come and help let you live your dream, trust me.

There is only one person who is capable to realise it – and that’s you.

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