The Beauty Of Living An Unpredictable Life

Life is really beautiful, it absolutely is. But it’s also very tricky. When we think that we got it all figured out we end up being wrong and vice versa.

So strange but very true.

I have discovered my life through these years and it’s true to say that I have learnt and upgraded myself in the whole process. Where I stood 4 years ago and where I am standing now are two totally different things.

It was completely unpredictable, what life had in stock for me over the course of living though these last four years.

Looking back I feel blessed to have had gone through the various phases of life and experience them. There couldn’t have been a better thing than that.

It’s not that difficult, trust me. To discover our life. It’s not that complicated as we think it is. All we have to do is live and explore.

Sometimes beautiful things happen. Sometimes the opposite. But there will be a lesson in each of it, which we must treasure inside our hearts carefully.

The meaning of life is discovered through experience and experience is gained only when we try to live life just as the way it is planned for us.

Go with the flow kind of thing you know.

There is an element of surprise for all us in our life. It will come to us unexpected, all of a sudden from nowhere.

Understand what that surprise element is and live your life happily. Enjoy the unpredictability. There lies the true beauty of your life.

What’s the point in living a life when you know what’s gonna happen next?

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